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Trendy Mens Casual Shoes/ Industrial Work Shoes

Trendy Mens Casual Shoes/ Industrial Work Shoes

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Model number 1158BK, the shoes are available in black and grey, and the suede upper feels great and soft to the touch. The suede is characterised by breathability and moisture absorption, which can effectively block foot sweat and foot odor, keeping your feet dry and comfortable after a long day of work.
Moreover, suede is also an anti-scalding and wear-resistant material, which can protect your feet from being scalded in high temperature environments and prolong the use time of work shoes. The rubber sole is waterproof and non-slip, making this shoe a great choice if you have a lot of water in your work environment. The rubber sole is very soft, elastic and very comfortable to wear.


Tanleewa Menโ€™s Work Shoes Steel Toe Safety Shoes Comfortable Lightweight Sneakers Shoe Size 12

The rubber sole has good wear resistance and skid resistance, the sole is elastic, not easy to break, good softness, good extensibility, stable shrinkage, good hardness, good flexibility, and good waterproof performance.
Many safety shoes are worn in the environment where the soles may be pierced, such as broken steel bars or steel nails in construction sites, many sharp tree stumps and tree stumps in woodland farms, and some workshops may be broken. grass.
Therefore, puncture resistance is an important criterion for evaluating safety shoes. We use Kevlar midsole, and the stab resistance index can reach 14. But Kevlar is very soft and light, and it is very comfortable to wear.

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